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 Frequently Asked Question
all escorts & managers post questionsto us using the email link & we will add them to the list. We can only add questions with one subject at a time. 

Question: How will I receive the bookings? Do you phone me or what?

Answer: We will usually text you or whats app,  we also have a list of escorts listed with us, and we send out a whats app message as any when any bookings come through, you simply reply and we connect you with the client via a phone call.  Others will also receive the messages from clients who just phone us, so you need to reply fast. If we never hear from you then after a while you will stop getting messages. 

Question: I just want to work part time as an escort, I dont want to be a manager or have any contract, is this possible?

Answer: Yes you can just be an escort. You can work part time of full time. there is no contract, you are selfemployed. 

Question: Can I work just as a manager or do I have to work as an escort as well? I am a 24yo lady in Manchester and have been working in a call centre, but want to change and know I will be good at this. 

Answer: Yes, you can work as a manager, online manager or full on area manager. You can also work as an escort or just do escorting, what ever suits you best. If however you are working as a full time manager then you may not have much time to do escorting, you need to pace yourself. 

Question: What escorts are you looking to join you? 

Firstly as long as you are over 18, then no matter who you are subject to our terms & conditions we welcome every one.  Straight, gay, lesbian, tv, ts, ab or other. Before you work or join to work as an escort, its often better to work out a few things first, such as days you are able to work plus distance you can travel, oh yes and of course make sure you never let clients down.  It can take a while to build up a client base, but we are here all along the way. 

Question: How much will I earn each month? Either working as an escort or manager or even working as both?

Answer: It depends on how many hours a week you are booked for. A full time person can expect to earn from £2000 per to £14,000 per month. It's best if we break it down in to one question at a time, working as an escort has the benefit of fast cash, but you need to reach various requirements. Lets work on this example, with you being a hard working professional escort, you would expect to earn at least £2000 per month, once you have regular client base. We have seen escorts earn £18,000 in one month! If you have ever heard of a guy called "Josh Brandon" he is very well known in the industry and earns around £350,000 a year.

Question: What age will the clients be and what will they be like?

Answer: We have various age’s shapes and sizes. We are open for people aged from 18 upwards. We don't ask clients ages, provided they are over 18. You can be restrictive on your profile page, so you can put you only want to see ladies or men that are 20 years old, slim with long hair (for example), just don’t expect many bookings, remember this is about the Client and what services they want. The more flexible you are able to be the more potential bookings you will gain the more money you will earn.  

Question: I am gay, aged 19 and never done anything like this before, will I have someone to help me?  Do you have gay men working with you? My friend is Bisexual and is also interested, he is 18 years old will this work? 

Answer: Yes, we have Gay, Straight, Lesbian, TV, CD, AB, and or other.  Anyone is welcome to work with us. Our only rule is you must be over 18 years old. Yes we do have a team of people to help you and train you. 

Question: Does it cost any money to join? If it does can I pay it off weekly or monthly?

Answer: No it is free to join up, on a basic listing membership, you simply do all the work yourself and arrange for a photo-shoot, you can have a friend do the photos or pay someone. It is up to you. We do ask the photographic images are or high standard and meet all our terms and conditions. For a small fee we can arrange for photo shoot and a website to be built for you. The cost of this service is usually from £150 per year including website hosting.  You will be linked on many more websites not open to free basic listings. 

Question: When I am asked to do a photo-shoot or to send photographic images, what is required and what shall I send into you?

Answer: Firstly any images must be of people over the age of 18 years old, you must have permission to use their photo, and make sure no one under the age of 18 is in the photo. You can pick what images you want to use on the website. They can be clothed, part clothing or naked. No animals or children allowed in any images. If you go on the escort websites you will soon see what the others are doing. We can arrange a photo-shoot for you and you can discuss this with the photographer before hand. 

Question: What sort of clothing should I wear when I meet the clients?

Answer: Usually smart clean clothing, and usually you will speak to the client before hand to discuss things.  It depends on the location or planned event, you would not generally wear suit and tie if you are going Dogging for the evening. 

Question: How will I know my security is going to be kept and I will be safe?

Answer: We do what we can to ensure you are safe, but just keep alert at all times, do not do drugs or drink anything that may make you at risk. Keeping safe at all times is the golden rule. 

Question: When I am with the client, how should I act and what should I do. Can I just be myself? 

Answer: You should never do anything you are not happy with, and this will all be arranged and listed on your website, for example if there is something you do not want to do, then bring this to the clients attention before the meeting. Just be you and this will reflect on the evening, if you change over time, and then simply update your profile and photographic images. 

Question: Can I stop at any time during a day if I have got bookings lined up?

Answer: No, if you have said that you are available and we have arranged bookings for you and arranged bookings, then we must be able to rely upon you. Our much-respected clients are important to us and to you. Failure to be reliable will not be tolerated, at all. We all work as a team, try not to let the team down we all have to work together, and then we are stronger. 

Question: What does it mean to be an escort?

Answer: An Escort sells time not sex you will be helping others to help themselves, any way they choose. We will always brief you before expecting you to accept a booking. Many clients just want a Girlfriend / Boyfriend experience, to release their stress so it's important to be a good listener and go with how they wish,  let them lead you and be open to how they wish to spend their time with you. That is exactly what they are paying you for, even if it's to sit naked with them drinking tea, eating cake and listening to them for an hour! Just remember that you are a friend, paid for and not a counsellor, they know that anyway. Selling time means it is all legal. What two adults do in that time is between them and them alone. 

Question: What do I do if I just don't fancy them?

Answer: It happens on occasion even if you want to help the client. We are all human and not robots. Our clients  should respect this situation in general but they will expect you to have some different ideas to get over the problem. Maybe suggest having a shower together to get over nerves, touching each other with soap etc or, maybe you suggest a massage with baby powder or oils, keep the lights turned down, all nice and quiet and intimate, or just have a laugh together. Try out different clothes and ideas and films, it's about you suggesting things,  so long as you have been caring and have tried your best, there is always next time. The client will still give you a thumbs up. But remember you are there for the Client hes paying you not the other way around. 

Question: Do I need a star spangled body to be a successful escort? I don't think I am that good looking or may be even a bit fat?

Answer: No you don't,  it’s about what's inside (excuse the pun) to help other people and yes it's about being horny as well and being versatile to respond to your clients requests. Many clients are quite nervous and need reassurance. They expect you to be confident and professional, willing to go with the flow. Also don't forget some people like larger ladies and men. So never say never. 

Question: What do I do if the client wants to give me his contact details promising me everything?

Answer: This is sadly a situation, which promises the escort everything but delivers nothing. Either for the Client or for the Escort. If an escort wishes to accept a private alliance with a client, we will terminate your membership we may also contact the client for money owed to the group. If you have intentions like that don’t join us. We all work as one happy team. We also suggest that the client is more suited to a problematic, unsafe situation as per what is available on mobile phones! 

Question: I like your style, the safety and your care and concern given to escorts, what protection do you offer me? I want fun, cash and quick, is you right for me?

Answer: We are a long-standing group, we do things properly, and we always have money to have fun, for example some events we have running and some coming up, Harrods for lunch, The Shard, Outings on speedboats, sailing, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Weekend breaks to Spain, Jet Skiing, to name just a few. We work hard and we help our clients so that's fair and right. We will keep you posted with parties and events you can come along.  Or check out the website for updates. Also we run Escort spot prizes, weekends away for two in Spain, meals out and so on. 

Question: Do you 100% guarantee  I will get bookings and earn money? 

Answer: No we cannot gurantee anything, just because you think you are wonderful it is a different matter when people are paying for your time. Although we will promote you and work with you to help you earn money. If after a while you have had no bookings we will look at other things you can do to earn money within our group. You should know within a few weeks of starting. Be good and be professional . That is the best way forward. 

Question: Can I be paid in to my bank?

Answer: Yes you can or we have other various payment methods.

Question: Is it OK to drink or smoke when with the client? 

Answer: Most people do not like smoking, it is dirty and makes you stink like an old ashtray, drinking can also be an issue because you may get drunk without knowing.  We suggest no to both, but the option it open to you, if the client is smoking and drinking then one or two should not be a problem. But ask the client. 

Question: I like to sometimes to take smoke or take drugs, is this allowed when working?

Answer: No, not under any circumstances, even if the client is doing so, we do not allow our team to do it. You will have membership stopped and be banned from our system if you do so. 

Question: What happens if the client gives me a bit extra or a tip?

Answer: You keep any tips, but if you are booked for one hour and it goes in to a longer time then you would charge for extra time and  you will receive your normal payment. 

Question: How do I get to the clients?

Answer: We can sometimes supply a driver, depending where you are, or use a Uber, Taxi, bus or car.  You will be told at the point of booking what travel options on offer. 

Question: If I have to travel to the booking myself, do I get extra money to cover this?

Answer: Yes you do get travel costs paid for plus you do get extra money if you are going to bookings on your own. 

Question: If i want to work only as a manager is this possible?

Answer: Yes that is fine, we need managers to run teams in their local area. We have on-line training and support for managers, you will join up and be given an account manager who will work with you, they will help get you started. You would find it is more full time work that part time, you need phone and usually at least iPad / tablet to work. 

Question: Can I have video clips on my website?

Answer: Yes you can produce video clips for your website profile. We can arrange this when the photoshoot takes place. We usually arrange a phot-shoot within a few days of you putting in your application to work with us, if it is successful.

Question: What do you require from me to work with you as an escort?

Answer: We do not want down and out tramps, smelly people, dirty or unreliable people. If you don't have good suitable clothing, it is possible we can advance you money to get the clothing needed. You must also be very honest and willing to work, lazy people wont stand a chance with us. 

Question: When I was younger I got in to some trouble with the police, I have a record and wont pass a CRB check. Can I still work with you? As I really need to turn my life around and make something of myself. 

Answer: It will depend on what it was for, if you are on a sex offender list, or ever hurt a child either sexually or other-ways, no we will not have you join our group. If it is for violent  behavior   then we will need to know more information upon this. Other matters will be taken on merit and will probably not stop you joining us. But we will monitor you and any cause for concern will terminate your business with us. We don't judge people on their past, or sexuality, race or beliefs. 

Question: I want to work as soon as possible, but I do not have money to travel to you and I wont have anywhere to live. Is there are way you can help me with either of these problems?

Answer: Yes, anything is possible. If you meet the requirements we are looking for plus we have a placement at the time, we can arrange transport sometimes by Taxi, Uber, Train, Coach or a driver will collect you, depending on your location. We also have accommodation in various locations in the UK, plus Spain and Grand Canaria. We own a range of one and two bedroom flats and have various B & B style places. Subject to availability. 

If you have any questions then email them to us and we will add this to this frequently asked questions section.