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The Keys You Need

Your going to start a journey, on the way up the ladder, we will be here to support you, you're going to find things a big confusing to start with. This could all be new to you. We have great managers to help you along the way.  The are here to help you. Keep them updated everystep of the way. 

Connect Escorts 

One of our biggest rules,  you must be over 18 years old. This is to work with us or use our sites, services or links from any media we send to you.  Adult sites are for adults only! You will have fun working in our group. Don't forget to check out our events & parties. 

People Are Humans

We work with any adult openmined person, you need to be a bit tough as you will have to deal with some rude & stupid people from time to time. Working in the Adult Industry is great fun & very rewarding. Put in the time & energy & the return will be very rewarding. 


We have invested over £500, 000 in websites & the tech to drive them, over the years we have worked hard to make sure we can always bring a high quality, of service to both you and the clients. All working as one big team gets the results we all want.

Online Adult Toy Shop

Since 1985 we have been supplying adult toys & clothing. At the start it was via "Adult Party Plan" then moving on-line back in 2005. We have a range of products at greatly discounted prices. 

Any Questions?

One of our pages on this website is dedicated to FAQ. You can read through the list & you will usually find the answer you have been looking for, or submit the question to us via the email link & we will reply to you & add it to the list, to help other members. 

We Want Happy Members

We have a great team of people working in our group, we are expanding all the time. It is very important to us that everyone is happy. If at anything you are stuck then just contact your account manager for support. They have backup & help for you. 

Worldwide Business

The Internet is a worldwide business. You can just as easily contact people thousands of miles away as you can just up the road. It is a massive market. Keep up with the news & websites updates. We usually send a whats app to you. 

Fast start for escorts and managers. min age 18, simply whats app us for more infomation.